Welcome to ArtoftheMOOC.org

This wiki is produced in collaboration with the Duke/Creative Time free online course called Art of the MOOC: Merging Public Art and Experimental Education, a project by Pedro Lasch, co-taught by Nato Thompson.

Two tracks of the Art of the MOOC Course, Activism and Social Movements, and Public Art and Pedagogy are now permanently available on demand through Coursera.

On this Wiki you will find information and resources related to the projects, individuals, groups and themes featured in the course, as well as user-submitted content. The site also features projects completed by students in the Art of the MOOC course.  You can get involved by contributing entries to the wiki.  Please register or login if you’ve already registered with ArtoftheMOOC.org.  Make sure to check out the Contribute page for more information on how to get involved with the Art of the MOOC wiki.  This wiki is fully public and will provide a growing database of socially engaged art practice.


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