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  • The Importance of the Olympics

    The Importance of the Olympics

    The Winter Olympics are being held in Pyongyang, South Korea. And this is not the first time the Olympics have been held at the center of political tension. The president of South Korea has also urged North Korea to join them in competing and marching because it would “greatly contribute …Go to Entry »
  • SpaceX — Off to Mars?

    SpaceX — Off to Mars?

    SpaceX has successfully launched their Falcon Heavy on February 12 this past Monday. This was a great accomplishment for Elon Musk and SpaceX because of their reusable side boosters. There were two boosters that guide the rocket into a certain level of orbit, which are then released and flown back …Go to Entry »
  • How does a populist movement form and garner support?

    How does a populist movement form and garner support?

      After watching Pedro Lasch’s video concerning civil rights movements and refusal / boycotting I thought about an “activist” group that has recently formed and garnered widespread support in Germany called: Pegida.  Pegida is a group that initially started as a movement that focused on issues that affected society as a …Go to Entry »
  • The Art of the Bitcoin

    The Art of the Bitcoin

    One of the most topical portions of the lectures this week was the portion concerning the Ithaca dollar, a currency invented in 1990.  The concept behind the currency is that one hour of labor equals ten Ithaca dollars, rather than rewarding people differently for the different jobs they perform.  This is quite reminiscent …Go to Entry »
  • 7000 Oaks : City Forestation Instead of City Administration

    7000 Oaks : City Forestation Instead of City Administration

    Joseph Beuys was a German performance artist, art theorist, and a pedagogue. While working at a university, Joseph was expelled since he insisted that art is for everyone thus his class should be opened to everyone. This story about him caught my attention and while researching him and his life, …Go to Entry »
  • Art Expressivity and Censorship

    Art Expressivity and Censorship

    The videos this week strongly correlate with the videos of 1.3. Much of the art being shown through these MOOC episodes involve reforming or abolishing a certain norm. Whether it is an institution or an organization that is need of being changed, many times art is a way to provoke …Go to Entry »
  • Exchange of Goods

    Exchange of Goods

    In the Art of the MOOC lecture 1.2 the Ithaca Dollar is mentioned regarding an alternate way to think about the money that is exchanged.  This Ithaca Dollar or Ithaca Hour was earned by one our of labor and was introduced in 1991. This idea was not knew in 1991, …Go to Entry »
  • The New Climate Movement

    The New Climate Movement

    How do you create an effective social movement? I first explored this question my freshman year as part of my course “History of US Social Movements” where we explored movements from Abolition and Women’s Suffrage to LGBTQ and civil rights. I particularly enjoyed our unit on environmentalism where we learned …Go to Entry »