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If you would like to become a wiki contributor and add to our database of socially engaged art projects, artists, activists, and groups, please read the following instructions before adding content.  If you have never used WordPress before, check out this video for a quick tutorial on adding and editing posts on a WordPress site.

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Creating Posts

All entries to the wiki are added in the form of “posts” in the WordPress architecture.  These posts are sorted into categories based on the type of entry (a “project” or an “individual or group”), and through their association with the Modules of the Art of the MOOC course at Coursera.

Things to Remember When Creating Posts

  • MOST IMPORTANTLY:  Please make sure the content you are posting is accurate, references other available sources, and is free from offensive, derogatory, and unnecessarily explicit content.  Although some of the material on this site may deal with issues that are politically and socially controversial and/or graphic in nature, offensive and unnecessarily explicit content will not be tolerated and will be removed.  This site is a space for knowledge sharing and building a community resource of socially engaged practices.  Please treat it as you would any other community resource:  with respect.
  • Make sure to add a “featured image” through the post editor, available in the menu at right at the very bottom.  This will assure that the post will appear on the category pages for Modules, Projects, and Individuals and Groups.  Images also make content more engaging and add context.  You are welcome to add as many images as you’d like to your posts.
  • Make sure your posts are properly categorized. When you are creating your posts, don’t forget to add categories through the menu on the right hand side of the post editor.  If you are part of the Art of the MOOC course, and you know the content you’re posting is mentioned in a specific module, please make sure to add it both to the “Modules” category and to the specific Module category associated with your content.  It can be associated with more than one Module.  Please also add your post to either the “Projects” or “Individuals and Groups” category.
  •  Attribute! Attribute! Attribute! When adding images posted elsewhere, for example on Wikipedia or on other Socially Engaged Art online resources, make sure to attribute images and other content to their sources by linking, and make sure that content is credited.  This will ensure that your content remains in our database, as we will have to remove any content that is not properly credited to its original authors.
  • Link! Link! Link! Although much content is being gathered here for the first time in one place, there are many great resources for socially engaged and contemporary projects available online.  Please make sure to link your content to artists’ websites, Wikipedia and other wiki resources, news sources, and other outside websites.  Linking will strengthen our online presence and our network with these other resources.
  • Tags are a place where you can add your own themes and associations with projects, individuals, and groups in the database.  As our tag library grows, we will use the most popular tags to help inform how we add new general categories.
  • HAVE FUN!!!