Graffiti – Art or Vandalism?

When thinking about graffiti, many think of spraypainted concrete or brick walls. Maybe they are in a random tunnel on the highway, urban alleyway, or on the pavement/sidewalk. Many do not think of it as art, but rather, vandalism. In a greater social perspective, people believe that if the creation of an art project involves breaking the law, then the project should be stopped. However, many more believe that art is supposed to push social boundaries as it serves as a symbol to defy the law while creating a lasting message. In the world of graffiti, the only that separates it with art in the eyes of society is permission. 

I am very interested in graffiti because there are endless purposes/messages for someone to risk consequences to create a lasting message that is important to them.  For example, the graffiti in the tunnel on East Campus where the C1 passes every day is littered with graffiti. There are portions of the walls dedicated to certain dorms attempting to create a legacy. Other areas of the walls include different names that serve as a memorial for different friends or relatives. Overall, the fine line between vandalism and art is determined by those who dare to defy the law.