Higher Street, Lisa Santana Hudson

High St 1

The object that I have chosen to displace is the stepladder that usually lives at the top of my stairs and is used to access my loft space. I chose to place it in the middle of the  high street at half past eight in the morning, in order to catch people on their way to work or university. I chose the ladder because of its symbolism of aspiration and ascension, and its ability to provide access to a different space. Our High Street is a pedestrian area that allows vehicles at certain times, and is a generic space of ubiquitous chain stores, fast food restaurants, coffee houses and banks. However, the buildings housing these are left unchanged from the second level up. For example, our Boots the Chemist shop is actually a fabulous Art Deco construction. Bangor’s history seemed to be preserved in layers, just like the slate that the area is built on. Standing on the stepladder takes people away from their usual perspective of the space, and brings them closer to a different time in the same place.

High St 6

High St 5


High St 2


High St 4