The Bad Sheets, Urban Interventions, London 2000

The Bad Sheets ( A series of installations – mixed media) 2000, London  During the year 2000 the London municipality and the Westminster and Camden quarters specifically, started with “cleansing” the public space of “unwanted” people. A group that I formed by the name “Transgressive Architecture”, gathered around put up a series of interventions in the public sphere in reaction to this policy. Their main weapon consisted of sheets, imprinted with images of homeless people, street merchants and pigeons, placed in those areas from which the “undesirable” populations had been banished. The first action was undertaken on the stairs of RIBA (the Royal Institute of British Architects) on an evening during which architect Lord Rogers lectured on the task of the architect in Urban Renewal. Eventually led to  a cooperation between Doron and Rogers in an exhibition concerning public housing which Mualem Doron curated.

An article about the project in Loud Paper:



Gil Mualem Doron Bad-Sheets-Tra-sq London 2000